Denturists perform a complete visual/digital examination and evaluation of the patient’s head and oral cavity, with a view to prosthetic rehabilitation. This includes obtaining a complete medical and dental history of the patient. Denturists discuss fully-disclosed treatment-options with the patient; obtain patient-consent for a treatment-plan and appropriate financing (including Health Insurance).

Denture work is done at the Denturist's Clinic or Mobile Denture Clinic, allowing for adjustments to a denture to be done while the patient is present. Direct consultation between consumer and manufacturer removes all the unnecessary repetitions and misunderstandings, often associated with working through a go-between. Due to the fact that the same person does the chair-side consultation, clinical procedures and also manufactures the denture, and any adjustments to suit the consumer's preferences, a better end product results, quality of care is constant and allows for quicker turnaround time to complete service-delivery. Careful attention is paid to every procedure and design-detail in direct consultation. The smallest alteration can make a major change to your denture's comfort, appearance and function. Denturists are creative artists, who can provide a personalized denture that looks very natural and fits your age, face and personality, even simulate your natural teeth arrangement and tooth-form with the aid of old photographs, if required.

As compassionate Oral Health Care professionals, Denturists work as part of the Oral Health Team to provide the best possible patient care. When appropriate, they work in close co-operation with Dentists, which allows for co-ordination of all aspects of dental care. Like all professional health care providers, Denturists may refer patients for other specialized health care, when appropriate or necessary. Some Denturists also provides mobile denture clinics to attend to patients' needs in home care situations, hospital visits, or rural areas. Denturist fees are affordable because their services are discipline-specific, allows the interaction of competitive market forces, and there are no cost mark-ups, cross-subsidies for other services not related to dentures, or outside delays.