The public is provided with the freedom of a wider choice of service providers when the denture manufacturer is given access to clinical training, to qualify for direct access and communication with the end-user, so as to register and practice as a Denturist.  That will put a stop to all-round frustrations currently often experienced due to the customary clumsy procedure, remove the currently prescribed communication barrier and unjustified restrictions, which will allow consumers to benefit from allowing market forces to come into play.

Denturists’ scope of practice includes clinical work, but clearly outlines and draws distinctions between provision of oral appliances and the adjustment or alteration to natural teeth/tissues of the mouth. Denturists don’t perform invasive procedures, but as Prosthetists, work entirely with constructed or prosthetic (artificial replacement) devices.

“Dentists work on natural teeth, Denturists work on artificial teeth!”

By providing this supplementary service, Denturists frees up the hands of Dentists for their primary objective; to combat oral disease more efficiently and to deliver more advanced clinical services, which affirms the importance and diversity of the Oral Health Team. Patients requiring services beyond the Scope of Practice and expertise of a Denturist are referred to the appropriate oral healthcare professionals. What is unique about Denturism compared to General Dentistry, is the specialty focus in its training and practice. Unlike Dentistry, the main focus of the curricula in schools of Denturism is on ensuring that Denturist students acquire the requisite knowledge, attitudes and skills to provide high-quality removable prosthodontic services to fully and partially edentulous patients.

Denturism is the profession disciplined in the skill of constructing removable dentures directly to the consumer. It is a time-honoured specialized profession, separate and distinct from dentistry, although still relatively unknown to the South African public. Denturism is the practice of construction, supplying and fitting dentures where both chair-side and dental laboratory work are performed by one and the same person, qualified and authorized for the purpose. Denturists are internationally the only professionals entirely legislated, to ‘specifically’ make dentures directly for the patient. Their practice is devoted solely to creating dentures that fit well, function correctly, look attractive and allow denture wearers to maintain a healthy mouth. They provide advice and education related to oral health and denture maintenance. Internationally the scope of practice for a Denturist may include the fitting, relining, rebasing and repairing of patient-removable full and partial dentures, immediate dentures, over dentures, dentures over implants, gum guards, mouth protectors, anti-snoring devices and other similar appliances. Initial provision has been made in South African law for a category of Clinical Dental Technologist.