Dictionaries place the phonetic accent on the first syllable, as in denture. This causes the word to sound like denture, with the noun –ist at the end (Pronounce: den’chur-ist). The word is formed exactly that way: -ist indicating a person that makes and the root-word denture, meaning artificial teeth.

While the term ‘Denturist’ is a generally used title, the profession is internationally also referred to by a series of language-specific designations, depending on geography and language, for example: 


Country Title
Australia: Dental Prosthetist
Austria/Belgium/Malta/USA: Denturist
Canada: Denturist/Denturologiste
Denmark: Klinisk Tandtekniker
Finland: Special Dental Technician/ Erikoishammasteknikko
France: Denturologiste
Germany/Switzerland: Zahnprothetiker
Netherlands: Tandprotheticus
Portugal: Denturista
Slovakia: Zubnych Protetikov
South Africa: Clinical Dental Technologist/Denturist
Spain: Denturista Clínica
United Kingdom/Cyprus/Ireland/New Zealand: Clinical Dental Technician