What is Denturism

Professional Denturists are the members of the Oral Health Care Team, specifically trained and educated in the skills and knowledge necessary to advise and provide expert denture services to the community, as independent practitioners, or in a group practice with other OH service providers.

Dictionaries place the phonetic accent on the first syllable, as in denture. This causes the word to sound like denture, with the noun –ist at the end (Pronounce: den’chur-ist). The word is formed exactly that way: -ist indicating a person that makes and the root-word denture, meaning artificial teeth.

While the term ‘Denturist’ is a generally used title, the profession is internationally also referred to by a series of language-specific designations, depending on geography and language, for example: 

Denturists, working in Denture Clinics, start off as dental technicians, who become specialized public denture practitioners, by expanding their education, skillset and experience. They do all the clinical procedures, from the primary impressions, through all the required stages, to the construction of the appliance and throughout consults directly with the end-user. The customary providers, Dentists, are go-between brokers who do not make dentures, but order them from dental laboratories, where skilled dental technicians construct them.

The public is provided with the freedom of a wider choice of service providers when the denture manufacturer is given access to clinical training, to qualify for direct access and communication with the end-user, so as to register and practice as a Denturist.  That will put a stop to all-round frustrations currently often experienced due to the customary clumsy procedure, remove the currently prescribed communication barrier and unjustified restrictions, which will allow consumers to benefit from allowing market forces to come into play.

Denturists perform a complete visual/digital examination and evaluation of the patient’s head and oral cavity, with a view to prosthetic rehabilitation. This includes obtaining a complete medical and dental history of the patient. Denturists discuss fully-disclosed treatment-options with the patient; obtain patient-consent for a treatment-plan and appropriate financing (including Health Insurance).


The following Videos are typical marketing props and demonstrates the similarity of Denturism practice globally, regardless of language or geographic location