Achieving a regulated legally licensed practice of Denturism goal will not be easy and without sacrifice.

Having owned and operated a commercial full service dental laboratory for twenty years followed by operating a private Denturist practice for twenty two years and taking on organized dentistry in court nine times during that time, I can tell you that I retired a person satisfied that I faced Organized dentistry and won. As for the all to often contentions between Dentistry, Dental Laboratories and aspiring Denturist, it would be nice if all the turf differences could be settled on an amicable level. The reality is that there is no creditable reason for this turf war, as it appears to be. The reality is that organized dentistry has not and cannot provide adequate prosthetic services because of the number of people who need it and the number of people who cannot afford their fees. It has been proven both in Canada and the US, where licensed Denturist practice. Dentists still see patients in need of prosthetics and Dental laboratories still service those Dentists and Denturists have a thriving practice. All are busy; none are being put out of business because of competition. Yes, if the untrue rhetoric would cease and only the public need considered, a new era in providing good dental health on many levels would be achieved. As I have already indicated, much of that untrue rhetoric can be silenced - by aspiring Denturists achieving recognized accredited education. There will always be detractors. Most will be individuals incapable of operating a successful practice, and need someone to blame it on. Others will be professional God Heads who can't tolerate the idea of equality, and there will be those who simply don't get it. Fortunately all those people are in the minority. I wish you and your aspiring comrades all the success possible. It won't be easy, but I can assure you it will be worth it. Please keep me informed about your progress.

Floyd Spiva CDT MDT CD

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