Well done Duffy, and hats off to you for all your hard work. The site looks good but have not gone through it properly yet. it covers a lot.

I have been practicing in Auckland, New Zealand now for approx four years as a clinical dental tech trained through Otago university Dental school, and now recently have gained a upgrade to my scope of practice with implant retained over-dentures. This is exciting work as we work closely with oral surgeons and specialist dentists who place the implants and then I fabricate the prosthesis to be placed in the mouth to great success. The dentist attitude in New Zealand seems to be that they(the dentist) will leave the prosthetics to be made by the Technicians because this frees time up for them to be doing other restorative procedures. Their time is more valuable doing Crown preps and such like work that can be charged for, rather than doing primary impresions, secondary impressions,bite blocks, try-ins and ease/adjustments which can not be charged for as the dentures require from time to time. We are allowed to advertise our sevices in print, Radio or any media that will reach the public. If this could all be achieved in South Africa the general public would be the eventual winners all round,and with a code of conduct and general ethics with some sort of Technicians Council to police unqualified denturists against illegal and unethical practices, the whole denturism mantle will be a great health care service. Good luck for the future and I will be monitoring the progressof your efforts closly. Graham Morrissey NDip DentTech (RSA) PG Dip CDT(NZ). - Regd Clinical Dental Technician New Zealand

Graham Morrissey - Denturist

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