Congratulations on your new web site, which will help open the world to Denturism.

Achieving a regulated legally licensed practice of Denturism goal will not be easy and without sacrifice.

Well done Duffy, and hats off to you for all your hard work. The site looks good but have not gone through it properly yet. it covers a lot.

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We invite all visitors to provide feedback, by commenting here. Share with us any opinion you may have about the information on our website, so that we may improve our service. This website is essentially about a new Oral Health category of Denturist to be introduced, to serve South African society. If you support our cause, you may voice your opinion, in the knowledge that we may store any such comments on our database and add it to a petition to that effect.

You may also contact the Society for CDT directly via email and we will get back to you at our soonest convenience.

However, please bear in mind that we are completely volunteer driven and cannot always respond immediately.  

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