1. Professional encroachment on Dentists – Only marginally true, but should be viewed against the background of Human Resource Development and warranted professional specialization within Dental Sciences as a whole.
  2. Threat to the viability of Dentistry – Only true in isolated cases of marginal private practices with dubious viability, but could contrary provide expanded patient base for Dentists through referrals. Dentistry should be viewed as a Team of Experts and all OH Clinicians are actually Dental Practitioners, each with their own intrinsic value, dedicated to serve the OH needs of the PATIENT!
  3. Denturists will spread HIV/aids and cancer of the mouth to their patients and compromise community health – Not true. If there were any empirical basis for this preposterous claim, it would have applied equally to Dentists, using the same universal infection control protocol.
  4. Inadequate skills and training of Denturists – Not true, Denturists are highly skilled and more intensively trained in removable prosthetics than Dentists.
  5. Additional training too costly – Not true, infrastructure already exists and utilization capacity of Training Institution would actually be optimized.
  6. Denturists’ fees will not be substantially lower than a Dentist – Not true. It is recognized universally that addition consumer-choice provides competition, which creates downward trends on denture prices charged by both Dentists and Denturists.
  7. Denturists won’t be able to provide free services to the indigent with no income – Neither do Dentists. The proposed State Medical Scheme might change the future scenario for basic services. However, countless Welfare societies actively serving denture needs of vulnerable groups around the world, are keen to partner with Denturists, who are reputed to have an outreach character and dedication to provide altruistic services daily.
  8. Declining prevalence of Edentulism – With scant reliable statistics, it may be marginally true, but not to the extent that it will impact on the viability of Denturism or the continuous need for replacement-dentures of an ageing population that lives longer. The United Nations predictions is that 21% of world population will be over 60 by 2040, indicating a huge need for dentures.
  9. Denturism has no long-term career opportunities – Not true, as there will always be a need for dentures. Denturists have the continued option of provision of a laboratory service to Dentists.
  10. The Dentists’ monopoly to sell dentures is justified to protect the patient – Not true, the monopoly was created to assure higher income to attract OHHR and long ago outlived its dubious excuse.
  11. Denturism is an experiment overseas that failed – Not true, well established and appreciated in 40 states, and gradually spreading globally. In various locations there is proof that small numbers of Denturists is efficient to serve big populations.
  12. Will cause fragmentation of oral health care – Not true, Denturists refer patients when appropriate, recognises the value of the OHT and advocates patient-centred Dentistry. 
  13. The need for Denturism has become redundant because newly qualified Dentists will be doing community service – Not true. The National Department of Health (NDoH) budget places a low priority on denture provision and has inadequate resources for such posts in the public sector. Dentists are also the most expensive category of the whole OHT to deploy.
  14. Denturists should only provide full dentures, because they can’t extract roots or modify teeth – Irrelevant excuse! The global trend is that Denturists scope of practice includes the full range of removable appliances in a stable healthy mouth and that all required tooth and tissue modifications are referred to Dentists, before commencing with making the appliance.
  15. Dental Technicians should not be given access to clinical training and serve the public directly, because they are not trained clinicians - Dental students are not trained clinicians either.
  16. Dental Therapists could be trained to provide dentures – Educationally not a rational alternative when compared to the elementary clinical training that Dental Technicians (already proficient in making dentures) need to become true denture experts (Denturists). Dental Therapy training does not include any baseline modules of training required for Denturist practice. Dental Therapists are equipped with clinical and patient skills, but have no knowledge about the principles of balanced occlusion or any technical aspects involved in the three-dimensional design and manufacture of removable prosthetics. Their discipline falls outside the clinical procedures and manufacturing intricacies of removable prosthetics and will have to be trained from scratch in this discipline, if dental prosthetics is to be included in their domain.
  17. Illegal Dentists (backdoor quacks) are providing an affordable denture service to the indigent population – True, but cannot be condoned because of unaccountability, poor quality, unhygienic practice and the criminal nature of material supplies, as well as exposure to cross-infection of communicable diseases.
  18. Regulations should not be passed to regulate the practice and training of such a new OHC category because there is no proof of employment of Denturists in Hospitals, no schools to train them, contact with patients are forbidden, there is no Register and no Scope of Practice – Hello?