Dr Peter Cooney, Chief Dental Officer, Canada - Interview article in the Canadian Denturism Journal Winter 2009
In public Health, you tend to look at communities in a much bigger sense, and you tend to look at population based approaches, rather than trying to deal individually with people.” Cooney works closely with Denturists on a regular basis, and has a good working relationship with the Denturist Association of Canada (DAC). I have attended a number of their meetings. I was the keynote speaker at the DAC annual general meeting in Banff in 2006. Through their work together, Cooney believes that his office has helped to promote Denturism as a profession, “I think that our office has shown that government agencies or government departments can work very well with Denturists and actually achieve some interesting results from that work.” He says. Cooney is adamant about the importance of all oral healthcare providers working together to educate the public. “The key is for the public in general to understand the importance of oral health and the importance of oral and general health linkages.” Cooney’s basic philosophy is easy for him to sum up. “If your mouth is not healthy, the chances are your body won’t be healthy either