Dr Peter Stepney DDS, B.C. Canada – Visitor’s Comment on 2007-10-31
I am a Dentist practicing in Langley, British Columbia. The standard of care that can be offered by a qualified Denturist is at least the same level that a Dentist provides when dealing second-hand with a dental laboratory. Given the time involved in creating a partial denture compared with many other dental procedures, making partial- or other dentures in a Dentist's surgery is not an efficient use of a Dentist's time. They can be more efficiently provided in a Denturist's clinic. Dentists end up delegating the vast majority of the work to a laboratory and though we attempt to communicate as clearly as possible the individual needs and problems of the patient, it is almost impossible for them to produce exactly what is required without them seeing the patient themselves. Denturists are expertly qualified to pinpoint and correct all prosthetic complications simply because they have the skill set to do both ends of this job”.