Dr Edward Clark, President of the Wyoming Dental Association commenting in the Casper Star Tribune on December 26, 2007
You don't come out of Technical School with the knowledge to work in someone's mouth," said Dr Clark, a Cheyenne Dentist. The Association will continue to oppose Denturists because according to him, they are required to have only a high school education. If they have education beyond high school, he said, it is usually from a two-year Technical College. In comparison, Dentists have at least eight years of College and Medical school education. There is not a Denturist program in the country that is accredited by the United States Department of Education, Clark added. The American Dental Association "vigorously opposes denturism." Clark said Denturists compromise the safety of the public. He said taking an impression of the mouth, what a Denturist does to make a mould for dentures, can be very dangerous if a person doesn't know what he is doing. "You are filling a mouth full of impression material," Clark said. "If some were aspirated, if the Denturist isn't prepared, it endangers that person." He also worries about mouth diseases going undetected if a person is seeing a Denturist.