Parliament has given the SADTC and HPCSA a statutory mandate to regulate a direct denture provider in South Africa. The Society for CDT wishes to express its commitment to the establishment of this category and intends to present its case to any forum or debate towards that goal. An open debate with all stakeholders, including the public as denture consumers, is required, to facilitate an inclusive deliberation to resolve the introduction of a long-overdue category of Denturist.

The Dental Technicians Amendment Act (Act 43 of 1997) defines a Clinical Dental Technologist as “… a person who has undergone training in  treating patients requiring complete artificial dentures and who is registered as such under the Medical, Dental and Supplementary Health Professions Act (Act 56 of 1974)”. 

This outdated and limited Scope of Practice needs to be redefined in terms of modern trends, global benchmark practices and accredited training programs, so that South African dental technicians with Denturism-aspirations, may be trained and regulated to serve the removable prosthetic needs of our people. Regulations to create a Register for Denturists (Clinical Dental Technologists) also needs to be formulated, in order for qualified Denturists to consider returning to South Africa from overseas, to practice their calling locally. Likewise, Regulations also need to be formulated for the retraining of Dental Technicians, to accommodate and qualify those with a specialized calling as Denturists.