The profile of denture wearers is typically the elderly and underprivileged with special needs and poor socio-economic circumstances. Dentistry have become an elitist service for medical scheme driven services. Initiatives to introduce Denturism is concerned with providing equitable rehabilitation-services to the edentulous (teeth-impaired) population, which includes large numbers of the often-neglected categories of the poor and the old. Countless Welfare societies actively serving denture needs around the world, are keen to partner with Denturists to serve these vulnerable categories, in need of denture care. In Cape Town a new multi-partnership is coming together with the Society for CDT, various donators and Dental Traders providing materials, to provide a platform for visiting Denturists from overseas, to serve the dire needs for dentures amongst the poorest of the poor. There are already some 60 expatriate South Africans qualified as Denturists. The only outstanding partner is Governmental sanction. This outreach opportunity may also provide practical training-exposure for future local Denturists. Individual Denturists all over the world provide altruistic services daily. Denturists serve with compassion because they care!