When Denturists encounter challenges that are beyond their training or expertise, such patients are referred. Healthcare providers are obliged to seek consultation, if possible, whenever the welfare of patients will be safeguarded or advanced, utilizing those who have special skills, knowledge and experience. Inter-professional referrals advance co-operation within the Oral Healthcare Team and are in the best interest of the patient for attaining expert treatment and optimal efficiency.

The introduction of Denturism will not take anything away from Dentists, other than creating another service provider option for patients. Provision of dentures by Denturists frees the hands of those Dentists who may choose to use their time and specialized skills more effectively towards other more profitable procedures. Any potential loss of income to Dentists due to seeing less denture patients are more than compensated for, by income generated from referrals from Denturists. All modification of natural teeth, including occlusal rest preparation, suspicious fillings, extraction of unusable natural teeth and root rests, or any need for invasive procedures are referred to a Dentist. Denturists are required to only place appliances in an oral environment that is healthy and stable. Certain grades of oral pathology could potentially be life threatening and the earliest possible intervention by an Oral Pathologist, as the relevant Specialist, may be crucial. Denturists are appreciated gatekeepers of oral health.