Internationally professional Denturists are members of the Oral Health Team (OHT), specifically trained and educated in the skills and knowledge necessary to provide independent denture services to the community. Equipped with solid technical training and experience as a Dental Technician, they are trained further in sciences, clinical skills and interpersonal skills. Denturists are thus expertly equipped to design, create, construct, and modify prosthesis to ensure optimal fit, maximum comfort, and general well-being.

During their practice, Denturists perform procedures designated customarily to Dentists and Dental Technicians. Both chair-side and dental laboratory work are performed by one-and-the-same person, specifically qualified and authorized for the purpose of prosthetic rehabilitation of lost dentition. By integrating all aspects of creating the optimal prosthesis, better efficiency assures a substantial cost saving to the patient. Doing everything in-house, cuts out all the backwards and forwards deliveries between laboratory and surgery. From the initial consultation to the clinical measurement procedures and laboratory manufacture of a denture, Denturists work directly with their patients during all the procedures. They create comfortable smiles and build relationships that patients trust. Denturists are fully accountable for the appliances they create and their services are recognized by leading insurance companies. Professional indemnity insurance is the lowest of any health profession, because they do their job so well that complaints are minimal, compared to other health professionals.