In 1997 the South African Parliament has conceded to introduce a category of Clinical Dental Technologist. The definition introduced to the Dental Technicians Amendment Act proposed that the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), which is regulated by the Health Professions Act, register this category. However, no provision was made and still has not been made in this latter Act to recognize the category of Clinical Dental Technologist and consequently does not provide for their training or registration either. There are no bridging structures and no cooperation between the HPCSA and the SADTC. Therefore, Dental Technicians on the Register of the South African Dental Technicians Council (SADTC) under jurisdiction of the Dental Technicians Act, and already proficient and experienced in manufacturing removable dentures, are unable to acquire appropriate clinical training in South Africa, to qualify for registration as Clinical Dental Technologists. As a consequence, the status quo remains whereby the sale of dentures directly to the public is not permitted by anyone other than a Dentist and the contravention of this provision is liable for criminal prosecution!