Dentists have expressed concern that Denturists do not accept their field of expertise and continuously want to encroach into more areas of Dentistry. The concern is unfounded! Denturists worldwide have always wanted to specialize in all areas of removable prosthetics. It is Organised Dentistry themselves that insisted initially that Denturists be restricted to full dentures only. Logic dictated in the end that Denturists were right all along to insist on all areas of removable prosthetics,

The concept of Denturism is not to take anything away from the Dentist, nor restrict Dentists in any way, but to allow patients to make a free choice. It is simply about trained Denturists to be in a legal profession to supply patients directly with accurate, aesthetic, and functional dentures. Denturists have no ambitions to become Dentists. There is a perfectly clear route to enter that profession. Denturists do not want to do invasive procedures. Denturists refer work beyond their expertise and when appropriate. They want recognition for their expert abilities and training to specialize in their own field, which is to provide the partially or fully edentulous patient with the best possible dentures (and some other removable appliances that they are expertly trained to manufacture) on a one-to-one basis in a compassionate and professional manner.

Dentistry have evolved into an highly specialized team of expertly trained professionals working co-operatively to best serve all the oral health needs of the population. The introduction of the specialized category of Denturist will free the hands and time of dentists to focus on more pressing Oral Health priorities and more advanced procedures only a Dentist is qualified for, and provide for a more efficient utilization of Oral Health Human Resources.