When the supply of dentures were added to the customary procedures exclusively reserved for Dentists only, it became an international tendency to define Dentistry in legislation in terms of the clinical procedures of supplying dentures, to criminalize any competition. Where Denturism is suppressed, it is convenient to prosecute a non-dentist supplying dentures for practicing Dentistry illegally, when it is in fact often a qualified Denturist (who's qualification is conveniently not recognized) providing a more specialized prosthetic service, than many registered Dentists.

Sec 38(1)(a)(b)&(2) of the Medical Dental and Supplementary Health Professions Act (Act 56 of 1974), as well as Sec 27(1)(2) of the Dental Technicians Act (Act 19 of 1979), and originally the predecessors of these laws, were specifically designed to prohibit any form of the supplying of oral prostheses by anybody who is not a registered Dentist, for gain. These clauses embody the monopoly that Dentists have on the supply and selling of artificial dentures