In South Africa, the National Oral Health Survey conducted in 1988-89, sited the construction of complete dentures as the most difficult procedures a Dentist may be called on to perform.

In these modern times, with the Dentistry curriculum reduced with 6 months, and more emphasis added on Implantology, Dentists receive even less training in the process of denture manufacture and denture delivery. Dentists do not make dentures, but facilitates the clinical procedures as a go-between and subcontracts the manufacture of the denture to a dental laboratory, where dental technicians does all the technical procedures required to make the appliance. Dentists are not trained in the use of, or have a Surveyor, which is essential in partial denture design. Most Dentists have to send a denture back to the sub-contractor dental laboratory to be polished after an adjustment to an existing denture has been done, because they often do not have even the most basic equipment needed for prosthetics. Dentists don’t make dentures; they have a monopoly on selling dentures, only!