Dentists have expressed concern that Denturists do not accept their field of expertise and continuously want to encroach into more areas of Dentistry. The concern is unfounded! Denturists worldwide have always wanted to specialize in all areas of removable prosthetics.

Restricting the sale of dentures to Dentists prevents the emergence of competition between Dentists and qualified Denturists in the supply of dentures. As a result, denture patients pay more for their dentures than is necessary and have less choice.

The anti-Denturism monopoly prevents the efficient supply of dentures and undermines the specialization and natural development of Dental Technology. It denies consumers the opportunity of fully-disclosed treatment options and the freedom of choice.

Sec 38(1) of Act 56 of 1974 states:

Any person, not registered as a dentist, who for gain … (takes impressions, bites, trying in or fitting dentures)…shall be guilty of an offence and on conviction …

When the supply of dentures were added to the customary procedures exclusively reserved for Dentists only, it became an international tendency to define Dentistry in legislation in terms of the clinical procedures of supplying dentures, to criminalize any competition.

In a broad context, a financial transaction involves either an article being sold or a service being rendered. The Supreme Court ruled that; as far as a Dentist is supplying a denture (made by someone else) to a patient is concerned, the transaction is a sale rather than a contract of letting and hiring of services.

In South Africa, the National Oral Health Survey conducted in 1988-89, sited the construction of complete dentures as the most difficult procedures a Dentist may be called on to perform.