Market restrictions

Dentists and Denturists have globally been subject to inter-professional rivalries and struggles for mutual respect and understanding. Historically, the relationship between Dentists and Denturists has in most countries been ambivalent at best, and more often than not, hostile and antagonistic. Legislation, and by implication, community dental health care, has often been shaped and defined by inter-professional conflicts and rivalries and the creation of artificial market restrictions.


Nine out of 10 entrepreneurial companies go bankrupt within five years. Privately practicing Dentists are typically successful at remaining in practice, but not because they are well-trained and knowledgeable business people. In fact, they receive little business training in dental school or residency programs. Demand for dental services has been and continues to be sufficient to allow most Dentists to be successful. Dental practices have four major business areas - operations, financial management, human resources, and marketing. Managing staff to maximize productivity and expand operations by which income is generated and efficiency of the financial practice management allows Dentists to achieve their practice potentials, and to fully fund retirement programs, accumulate savings, and enjoy comfortable lifestyles.