Learning to chew satisfactorily with immediate dentures can take as long as 6-8 weeks. The tongue, cheek, and lip muscles must be trained to keep the dentures in place during chewing and speaking. The successful use of your dentures depends mostly on the effort you put into mastering them. To learn to eat with your new teeth will take practice, patience and determination. Start with soft foods, cutting everything into small pieces, rather than trying to bite with your front teeth, as this will tend to dislodge the denture. Thickness in your speech and perhaps a lisp are also common symptoms which will usually correct itself in a short period of time. Sore spots may also develop and these can be easily relieved by your Denturist. As the shape of your mouth changes due to resorption, easing of pressure-areas and temporary lining with tissue-conditioners will ease you through the post-extraction healing process taking place. Hundreds of thousands of people wear dentures with ease and in time you too will feel comfortable, secure and successful in wearing your dentures.