Denturists will have previously fulfilled those objectives related to their education as Dental Technicians. The aim of the curriculum is to produce a caring, knowledgeable, competent and skilful individual, who is capable of unsupervised evidence-based practice within oral health care teams, who is able to accept professional responsibility for the effective and safe care of patients, who appreciates the need for continuing professional development (CPD), who is able to utilize advances in relevant knowledge and techniques and who understands the role of the patient in decision-making.

The Objectives for the education of Denturists is to equip trainees with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to ensure that they can deliver a safe, competent and quality service to the community; To expand the population of Denturists to satisfy public demand for removable prosthetic dental services and to satisfy the demands of the profession; To satisfy demands from prospective trainees wishing to expand their skill-base and enhance their qualifications in order to work in both the technical and clinical environments.