There are a number of international trends and issues that have emerged in recent years, including regulation of Consumer Protection and Medical Devices. The transformation of the once global monopolistic and restrictive area of dental practice is continuing to take place worldwide, which enables consumers greater access to efficient supplementary services. As Dentistry itself advances into highly specialised areas, some areas of Dentistry will fall away in relevance to Dentists and their practice. This void needs to be addressed in the interests of the consumer and creates opportunities for Human Resource Development of other categories. The Scope of Practice of all healthcare categories should, nonetheless, always be within the realms of their education and training.

In most countries it is a general prerequisite that only Dental Technicians with 4 years practical experience qualify to enrol for Denturist studies. After gaining the prescribed experience at the workbench in a dental laboratory in the procedures of the manufacture of dentures for a variety of different clinicians, candidate Denturists are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitude and objectives as set out in the Baseline Competency Profile of the International Federation of Denturists (IFD). Student Denturists study for a minimum of two years, focusing on the clinical and laboratory skills necessary to provide removable oral prostheses. In Canada aspiring Denturists don’t have to be a Dental Technician first, as they acquire sufficient laboratory experience after qualification.

Denturists will have previously fulfilled those objectives related to their education as Dental Technicians. The aim of the curriculum is to produce a caring, knowledgeable, competent and skilful individual, who is capable of unsupervised evidence-based practice within oral health care teams, who is able to accept professional responsibility for the effective and safe care of patients, who appreciates the need for continuing professional development (CPD), who is able to utilize advances in relevant knowledge and techniques and who understands the role of the patient in decision-making.

Course content may vary slightly between schools; however, students may expect to study most if not all of the following subjects, which are included in the Denturist Baseline Competency Profile:

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