All around the world there is a passion amongst Dental Technicians aspiring to Denturism and recognized Denturists, to support one-another, and a general solidarity to strengthen the profession, to encourage others to excel and achieve their educational goals & legal status and to enhance the profession. Denturists from all nationalities are committed to continuous education and meet often to share insight into interesting cases, learn from each other's experience, and gain insight into the latest developments in technology and the profession. These interactions take place whether the profession has legal status or not, to be on top of the cutting edge of technology and build out their practices for their denture patients' advantage.


40 pieces of legislation globally regulate the profession in various countries including Australia (all 6 states, 2 territories and numerous smaller Indian and Pacific Ocean Islands), Canada (all 10 provinces and 2 territories), Denmark, Finland, Switzerland (4 of the 26 Cantons, national legislation pending), USA (6 states with various pending) United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands), Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Malta, etc. In at least another 20 locations Dental Technicians have established clinical ambitions. Initiatives to introduce a category of Denturist is be encouraged wherever there is a need for dentures!

This tangible support and camaraderie is internationally based and extended to all that has an interest in Denturism. In this regard the International Federation of Denturists (IFD) have proved over many decades that this goodwill transcends over all global boundaries. South Africa have recently been welcomed into the membership of the IFD through The Society for Clinical Dental Technology.