The elderly is the most prevalent group, requiring removable oral prostheses. Institutionalized and frail patients are burdened with a transportation barrier and often battle to deal with physical and cooperation challenges. Due to their flexibility and mobility, Denturists are often the only denture service available for any hospitalized patient, those in Retirement facilities and also frail Geriatrics.

 All Oral Health professionals serving this category, should be aware of the presentation of dental and oral diseases and disorders in elderly patients, and the range of psychological and social factors involved. The limitations of working in a non-ideal environment, lack of experience when treating geriatric problems and the problem/lack of informed consent and of family members or residential facility staff members with negative attitudes, are all contributing factors that make this a challenging category that requires an exceptionally dedicated service provider. By virtue of their training, Denturists are able to distinguish between normal and abnormal consequences of ageing, and taught to avoid stereotyping elderly patients. Qualified Denturists doesn’t need special skills to diagnose that the elderly who has lost all their teeth needs a denture to rehabilitate their speech, mastication and oral health functioning. In fact, it is their dedicated calling.