Healthcare providers are obliged to seek consultation, if possible, whenever the welfare of patients will be safeguarded or advanced, utilizing those who have specialized skills, knowledge and experience. Inter-professional referrals advance co-operation within the Oral Healthcare Team and are in the best interest of the patient for attaining expert treatment and optimal efficiency. In this regard, a professional co-operative spirit of referral between Denturist and Dentist would be to the advantage of the service rendered to the patient

  • Invasive Procedures and Pathology

The Scope of Practice for Denturists includes clinical work, but clearly defines and draws distinctions between providing prosthetic appliances and adjustment and alteration to natural teeth/tissues of the mouth. Denturists don’t perform invasive procedures, but as Prosthetists, work entirely with artificial substitutes. Patients requiring services beyond the Scope of Practice and expertise of a Denturist are referred to the appropriate oral healthcare professionals. When the need arises to assess sub-gingival root rests, possible extraction or modification of roots and impacted or non-vital teeth etc. the patient are referred to a Dentist during the planning stage, by the Denturist. All tooth rehabilitation, fillings and modifications including occlusal-rest preparation are referred to a Dentist or Dental Specialist. Denturists receive training in Pathology recognition. Any manifested pathology of the mouth, oral disease and lesions (including lumps and swellings) are referred to a Dentist or Oral Pathologist.

  • Preferential Speciality

Some Dentists choose not to do prosthetic work (as a go-between) and may refer such patients directly to the expert competence of a Denturist. Dentists may also refer patients to a Denturist with a prescription for the fabrication, fitting and relining of immediate dentures, overdentures and implant supported dentures, prior to the final fitting by the prescribing Dentist him/herself. When patients are given the choice, Denturism is the service of choice for the wealthy as well as the poor. Denturists have compassion and sympathy for people’s needs and restore the dignity of the edentulous with care and tenderness. Patients love Denturists and are their biggest ally in the struggle for legislated recognition.

  • Certificate Of Oral Health

Historically it was a requirement in many jurisdictions for patients with natural teeth, to obtain a Certificate of Oral Health (COH) (declaring a patient’s mouth to be in a fit state for prosthetic treatment and free of disease, disorder or abnormality) from a Dentist, before a Denturist were allowed to proceed with the fabrication of a partial denture. This oral health safeguard related to partial dentures, had been repealed in some jurisdictions, when patients started prosecuting Dentists for issuing a COH, prior to being diagnosed with oral cancer (which may not have been detectable at the time). Denturists are now trained in pathology recognition for referral of such patients to an Oral Pathologist, making the clumsy COH-obligation largely redundant. Denturists have an obligation to ensure that partial-denture wearers maintains an appropriate recall protocol with their Dentist, for the maintenance and care of their remaining natural teeth.

  • Specialized Dental Laboratory Work

All aspects of the provision and construction of dental appliances, including the design, development of tooth positions, flange design and carving must be performed by the Denturist. The general requirement that "one and the same person" should carry out all the tasks relating to the supply of dental appliances should be adhered to as closely as possible. No part of this work should be subcontracted or otherwise delegated to another person, provided only that;

  • The processing and construction of dental appliances requiring the use of a specialist dental laboratory may be subcontracted. The construction of chrome-cobalt substructures and the processing of injection molded dentures are examples where the use of specialized dental laboratories may be permitted.
  • An assistant may be employed to carry out basic processing functions relating to the construction of dental appliances. The employment of assistants may relate to dental technician, student Denturist or Dental Laboratory Assistants who would be restricted in the type of work they may perform e.g. plaster work & packing of acrylic dentures.