Denturism practice is a subset of the practice of Dentistry, and parallels with their approved education, training and competence. It involves the Scope of Practice for Dental Technicians, plus the fitting of removable oral appliances, also in a cooperative spirit with Dentists and other members of the OHT.

During their practice, Denturists perform procedures designated customarily to Dentists and Dental Technicians. Chair-side as well as dental laboratory work are both performed by one-and-the-same person, specifically qualified and authorized for the purpose. They are well-equipped to integrate all aspects of creating the optimal prosthesis, including Patient-aftercare and care of removable oral appliances, while enabling a cost saving to the patient.

Denturists are accountable to perform the whole task of consultation, examination, design, registration of centric occlusion, setting of teeth, clinical assessments of the trail denture, doing all related adjustments, denture manufacture, fitting and aftercare for the dental appliance supplied, except for those appliances which are provided in collaboration with or referred to a Dentist, in which situation, responsibility for those procedures is delegated to the referred professional.