The Society have made contact with an internationally established Humanitarian Foundation (involved in blindness prevention campaigns) that trains paramedical individuals to perform cataract eye operations on patients in many exceedingly destitute communities, also in South Africa. 

The Foundation may be able to provide the answer to the legal clause that allows them to perform medical procedures in South Africa without fulfilling extensive medical studies. There may be a similarity with Denturists (Clinically trained Dental Technicians) to fulfill the enormous gap of denture needs that a large part of the SA population suffers. The Society of Clinical Dental Technology may be able to take the (moral) lead and provide cost effective dentures to the underprivileged communities in SA, without undergoing a Dentistry degree. 

The Society are currently looking into the concept of providing  free dentures to people in a destitute area, possibly through a district clinic and getting sponsors from dental suppliers and manufacturers to provide materials and teeth for this project. Dental technicians with ambitions to become Denturists will be making the dentures and doing the clinical work under the supervision of a qualified Denturist as a Humanitarian Outreach Program, which will prove competence and need to our Government.  Possibly this work could be evaluated as part of a practical module of a training program in a specific formal education track connected to a distance learning program from a recognized Denturism Training Institution with International accreditation.

There are obvious legal prescriptions that will have to be complied with, but at this stage we are more concerned that the unhygienic practices by quacks providing dentures, be displaced by accountable professionals who knows what they are doing, and that all oral health, infection control and hygiene protocols are followed. The intra-oral procedures, which experienced dental technicians understand better than many newly qualified dentists (with a de-emphasis and very superficial exposure to prosthetics) will be carried out under supervision of a Denturist registered elsewhere. We have also received interest from practicing denturists overseas to come and do voluntary work on this project (and possibly sponsors too). This project is not about a license to practice illegally in the open market without control, or in competition with registered professionals, it is about FREE humanitarian services to destitute people in need, that are not served by the monopoly holder in private practice or the State.