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  • Clinical Dental Technology  is the practice of supplying and fitting removable prosthetic appliances where both chair-side and laboratory work are performed by one and the same person, qualified and authorized for the purpose. The training of a dental technician is a prerequisite for the CDT training.   
  • Clinical Dental Technologist (CDT)  is a highly skilled oral health professional who has specifically been trained to design, construct, fit, patient aftercare and care of removable prosthetic appliances and the repair, reline or adjustment thereto. These skills enables a CDT as a professional member of the Oral Health Team to work independently of other Oral Health Care providers to ensure optimal fit, maximum comfort and general well-being of denture wearers, and to refer the denture wearer to other Oral Health Team members when necessary or appropriate.    
  • Removable prosthetic appliances  includes acrylic full dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, over- dentures, dentures over implants, chrome cobalt metal plates & frames, mouth guards, oral protectors (bruxism splints), and sleep apnea appliances.   
  • Equity  is the quality of being fair and reasonable in a way that gives equal treatment and opportunity to everyone. Equity is also the right of recourse to principles of justice, used to correct laws when these would apply unfairly in special circumstances