The logo chosen to identify the aim of The Society is a golden figure of a balance scale, the universal symbol for justice, with a golden banner underneath depicting the word:  EQUITY  as our motto.

Gold was chosen symbolically because it is a neutral metal associated with oral use and classified as a noble metal, as our mission is a noble one. Equity is defined as the quality of being fair and reasonable in a way that gives equal treatment and opportunity to everyone. Equity is also the right to recourse to principles of justice, used to correct laws when these would apply unfairly in special circumstances.


earlier logo

An earlier version of our logo adopted with the Constitution was incorporated on our letterhead and other stationery and also on the title page of our Report:

"Clinical Dental Technology: A Quest for Equity in Oral Health Care"

Both versions of the Logo is recognized as the official Trademark of The Society for Clinical Dental Technology.   We chose this logo to illustrate the need for justice that will balance an opportunity for professional development for dental technicians with a more efficient rehabilitation procedure that meets the needs of denture wearers, but simultaneously respects the fair competition and rights of other members of the Oral Health Team.