Thank you for visiting our new website! The Society for Clinical Dental Technology (SCDT) is the professional association tasked with channelling the aspirations of deploying a category of Denturists in South Africa, to introduce accredited education and to sustain and advance the ethical practice thereof. The SCDT liaise with international associations and subscribe to international best-practice. You will find full information about the profession and the impact which its long overdue implementation will have for local denture wearers.

Denturists or Clinical Dental Technologists (CDT) are registered dental care professionals, who are specifically trained and qualified as independent practitioners in the assessment, treatment, management and provision of removable denture services,– services which have up till now been restricted in South Africa, exclusively to the go-between facilitation of Dentists in dental surgeries. Dentures are “custom-made” elsewhere by Dental Technicians, working in isolation and restricted from communicating with the consumer. It is similar to asking an artist to paint a portrait without meeting the subject and often results in the patient being the ultimate loser – having to accept what they are given!

Where the category is recognized in 40 locations internationally, Denturists provide a full range of solutions for patients missing some, or all of their natural teeth, including the fitting, repair and reline of removable dental appliances. Denturists subscribe to the patient-centered vision of a Team of Oral Healthcare experts, putting their patient’s interest first in delivering the highest standards of care and when applicable refer to the relevant specialized category.

Having dentures or not, impacts the oral health, dietary intake, the emotional, psychological and social well-being of denture wearers and impacts general health in numerous ways. As denture-dedicated experts, Denturists combine chair-side clinical procedures and consultation with the patient, with the technical process of making the denture and aftercare to both patient and appliance. They have a calling to promote excellence, by restoring their patient’s self-esteem and ability to eat, talk and smile with confidence!